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How to Work at ITMO as a Foreign Citizen

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ITMO University is actively hiring highly qualified teachers, researchers and administrators. One of ITMO University’s top priorities is attracting and retention of competent, pro-active staff that can ensure the dynamics of the University’s development.

Become a part of our non-classical international team by:

  1. sending your CV to or following the instructions in our guide down below
  2. applying directly for one of the open positions here
  3. applying for ITMO Fellowship Program. ITMO Fellowship Program aims to attract international researchers and lecturers at any stage of their scientific career: from postdoc to professors.  Various tracks offer several options in terms of length of the program, the candidate’s experience and responsibilities. For more details, please check the Program’s website.

Please note that the employment process, the required time and paperwork, as well as the type of Russian visa you’ll need all vary in each particular case. If you have any questions related to your visa or work at ITMO, please write to the Center of International Faculty Support at

Step-by-step Guide for applying for work at ITMO University

Find a Unit

Check the list of our educational programs and laboratories to choose where you would like to work or send your CV to

Get in touch

Contact the head of your chosen unit to agree on the position and workload.

Request your visa invitation

Contact ITMO’s Center of International Faculty Support via to request your visa invitation. Please note that it usually takes a month to fulfill a work visa request.

Apply for your visa

Check the list of required paperwork for a Russian visa on the website of your closest Russian Embassy or Consulate. This list usually includes the following:

  • Passport
  • Printed and signed visa application form
  • Personal photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • Medical insurance
  • Results of an HIV test
  • Original copy of your visa invitation from ITMO University
  • Payment confirmation of your visa fee

Getting employed at ITMO

Upon your arrival in the Russian Federation, you will need to provide the following documents to finalize your employment at ITMO University:

  • Passport
  • Educational diplomas
  • A medical insurance policy, valid on the entire territory of Russia throughout the length of your contract
  • A digital copy of a 3.5cm x 4.5cm photo
  • Results of your chest X-ray test

How to Work at ITMO as a Foreign Citizen

Can I work at ITMO on a tourist visa?

No. There are several types of Russian visa, and the purpose of your stay in Russia must correspond to your visa type.

Can I be employed at ITMO if I have my visa issued by another institution?

This depends on your visa type; however, in most cases you will need to make a new visa issued by ITMO.

What kind of medical insurance should I have for employment?

You will need an insurance policy for work migrants. You may choose your coverage, but minimal requirements are: emergency aid on the whole territory of Russia, and repatriation.

How should I get registered in St. Petersburg?

Foreign citizens are required to obtain a migration registration when staying in the Russian Federation.
If you stay at a hotel, you should be registered on the day of your check-in; just ask about your registration at the reception area (may cost up to 300 RUB).
If you rent a flat, your landlord should register you. Please write to to get more details on registration in a flat.

How much taxes will I pay from my salary?

If you have spent less than 183 days in Russia within the past 12 months, your tax rate will be 30%. Later, this rate may become 13% if you don’t leave the country for extended periods of time.

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