1. Soft Skills
  2. Digital Culture Course

Soft Skills

ITMO is the first non-classical university. We’re constantly on the look-out for the best practices of world-class universities and research centers to make our educational programs the best they can be. One of our latest and most interesting innovations is Soft Skills, a set of cutting-edge study courses aimed at enhancing your personal and professional potential.

The Soft Skills set is available for both Bachelor’s and Master’s students. It includes various disciplines aimed at helping you develop the so-called transferable skills which will boost your performance in any career path you choose.

Bachelor’s courses

We’re sure that it’s never too soon to develop your soft skills. That’s why second-year bachelor's students can choose one of the following disciplines. Guided by experienced professors, you’ll gain unique knowledge which will come in handy not only during your studies, but also outside the university. Please note that all courses are taught in Russian.

  • Storytelling
  • Personal Effectiveness and Time Management
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Public Speaking, Negotiation and Presentation Techniques. Business Communication.
  • Communication and Teamwork Skills
  • Creative Thinking and Team Creativity
  • Critical Thinking and Learning Skills
  • Effective Leadership, Conflict Management and Team Building

Master’s courses

Developed according to the latest educational trends, these courses meet all international educational standards. Three of the courses are taught in English and the other three are in Russian.

Course Dates Building
Personal Effectiveness and Time Management



Kronverksky 49
Effective Team-Management



Kronverksky 49,

Lomonosova 9

Business and Research Ethics, Research Management 26.09.2020-15.10.2020 Lomonosova 9
Negotiation, Influence and Conflict Management* 26.10.2020 - 03.11.2020 Online
Emotional Intelligence* 24.11.2020-12.12.2020 Lomonosova 9
International Research Management Essentials* 16.10.2020-3.11.2020 Lomonosova 9

*B2 English level is required

Soft Skills is a compulsory part of all ITMO University programs, so you’ll have to choose one of the courses on offer. Once every two weeks, you’ll have 2 hours of lectures and 4 hours of practical training. Based on their project results and practical classes’ performance, all students will receive a “pass” or “fail” grade at the end of the fall semester.

You can sign up for courses in ISU. Registration is available till September 15.


If you have any questions regarding the Soft Skills courses, do not hesitate to contact us at softskills@itmo.ru or call 8 (812) 607 04 66.

Our address: Lomonosova St. 9, room 3103, 191002, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Digital Culture Course

Starting from the 2018/2019 academic year, the Digital Culture course is included in all of ITMO University’s educational programs.

Digital culture is a set of competencies that characterize a person’s ability to use information and communication technologies to navigate a  digital environment, perform effective social communications and solve digital tasks in a professional capacity. 

Bachelor’s programs include a three-year Digital Culture course that consists of the following modules: 

  • Introduction to digital culture (first term)
  • Data storage and processing (second  term)
  • Applied statistics (third term) 
  • Machine learning and data analysis (fourth term) 
  • Digital culture in a workplace (fifth and sixth terms)

Master’s programs include a one-year course that consists of the following modules:

  • Data storage and processing (first term) 
  • Applied artificial intelligence (second term) 

The course teaching approach is based on the blended learning: each module is a combination of online courses, tests, automatically verified exercises and in-person workshops and masterclasses. The Digital Culture course for Master’s degree students is provided both in Russian and English.

Learn more about the contents of the course and its unique learning approach in these course brochures for Bachelor’s (in Russian) and Master’s students.


If you have any questions regarding the Digital Culture course, do not hesitate to contact us at digitalculture@cde.ifmo.ru

Digital Culture Team