What accommodation is offered for international students?

ITMO University provides students with accommodation in several dormitories in different districts of St. Petersburg. A majority of international students are housed in the two dorms on Vyazemsky Lane 5-7 and Karpovka Embankment 22. Both are located in the historic center of St. Petersburg, not far from ITMO University's main building. You can see all of ITMO's buildings and dorms in the city on this map. Read more about ITMO’s dorms on our website or our news portal.

When taking my entrance exams, can I receive my migration registration from the university?

Yes, but only if you are staying at ITMO University’s dorms.

Can I work at ITMO on a tourist visa?

No. There are several types of Russian visa, and the purpose of your stay in Russia must correspond to your visa type.

How is the online entrance examination carried out? What is the passing score?

The online entrance examination is carried out via the online examination system ITMOproctor. Applicants are provided with a manual and the logins and passwords needed to enter the system. Coordinators of educational programs inform the applicants about the date and time of their respective examinations. Applicants are expected to answer several examination questions in English and have a short interview with the examiner. The lowest passing score is 50 out of 100.

What is the procedure for receiving a migration registration as a foreign student?

You can get your temporary registration at ITMO’s Migration Services Office. You must acquire your registration within the first 3 days since your arrival. You must renew your registration on time and request a new one upon returning from trips, or staying at hotels or hospitals.

Can I be employed at ITMO if I have my visa issued by another institution?

This depends on your visa type; however, in most cases you will need to make a new visa issued by ITMO.

What are the average living expenses in St. Petersburg?

Life in St. Petersburg is a lot cheaper than in many European capitals. An average student needs from 20,000 to 30,000 rubles per month. If you want to learn about the costs of living in St. Petersburg, read about it here or on our news portal.

How do I get my student visa invitation?

The invitation is drawn up upon your enrollment. A special form must be filled out specifying the place where you will receive your visa. The invitation is made in 30 business days and is sent to the enrolling student for the purpose of obtaining a student visa. Upon your arrival to Russia, your single-entry visa can be extended at ITMO’s Migration Services Office.

What kind of medical insurance should I have for employment?

You will need an insurance policy for work migrants. You may choose your coverage, but minimal requirements are: emergency aid on the whole territory of Russia, and repatriation.

How can I obtain a student visa for studies at ITMO University?

After an applicant has successfully passed the entrance examination, they will receive an official invitation from ITMO University. These invitations allow students to apply for student visas in their home country's Russian embassy or consulate. For more information on Russian immigration-related regulations and the required procedures go here or read the article on our news portal.

How should I get registered in St. Petersburg?

Foreign citizens are required to obtain a migration registration when staying in the Russian Federation.
If you stay at a hotel, you should be registered on the day of your check-in; just ask about your registration at the reception area (may cost up to 300 RUB).
If you rent a flat, your landlord should register you. Please write to inv@corp.ifmo.ru to get more details on registration in a flat.

Are there any sports and hobby clubs at ITMO University?

Whatever your talent, let it shine at ITMO! Everyone can find something for themselves here by choosing from the wide range of sports clubs and numerous creative clubs.

How much taxes will I pay from my salary?

If you have spent less than 183 days in Russia within the past 12 months, your tax rate will be 30%. Later, this rate may become 13% if you don’t leave the country for extended periods of time.

What kind of support do international students receive at ITMO University?

ITMO University has several initiatives designed to help international students in adapting to the new city and culture. Among such projects are ITMO University’s International Student Council, "Get Local" International Students Club, and the buddy program.

When applying for an international Master’s degree program, do I need to submit a certified translation of my academic documents if the documents are originally in English?

According to our admission rules, all submitted academic documents should be translated into Russian. However, during the application process, applicants are allowed to submit documents in English provided that it is a document’s original language. A certified translation is required when the admission of the applicant is confirmed.

Can international students work during their studies?

International students are allowed to be employed by the university without any restrictions. However, if a student would like to work outside the university, an official permit is required. Only full-time students can receive a work permit. Work permits are issued by the regional office of the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Interior Ministry of Russia.

Can I bring my spouse/child/any other relative with me?

International students are free to bring their family members with them. However, ITMO University does not issue invitations for the students’ family members and does not register them at the University’s premises. Family members are not allowed to stay at the student dormitories and are not provided any administrative support.