Student sports club

Do you think of PE classes as something unbearably boring? Is making the grade the only reason for you to disturb your peaceful rest and go to the gym? KronBars, ITMO’s student sports club, is here to make physical activities both entertaining and healthy. For beginners and professionals, we offer more than 60 kinds of sports for you to enjoy. From basketball and volleyball to rock-climbing, wrestling, and fencing, everyone is bound to find something that suits their taste. 

Sports enthusiasts, who would like to improve their skills and contribute to the development of KronBars, are welcome to continue their training as sports team members. Becoming a part of the KronBars community is a great opportunity to meet like-minded students and take part in city-wide, national, and international events.

Learn more about how to enroll, class levels, and student club activities on the KronBars Athletics page