International offices and departments

The Internationalization Office is a subdivision of the Internationalization Department of the Institute of International Development and Partnership that also incorporates the Editorial Office of the University’s English news website ITMO.NEWS.

The primary objective of the Internationalization Office’s comprehensive range of activities is to strengthen ITMO University’s reputation and position worldwide, as well as to promote its cutting-edge educational services and innovative research on the international arena through its various web resources, news website, and social media.

Among the Office’s main areas of work are:

  • creating, publishing and managing content for ITMO University’s English and other multilingual websites that focus on its international activities;
  • creating and editing ITMO University’s English content, including the University’s English web resources, reading materials, news articles, and other official texts in English;
  • translating articles and press releases from Russian into English and creating original content for the University’s English news website ITMO.NEWS;
  • managing ITMO University’s English main social media profiles: Telegram, Twitter and VK