International offices and departments

What is our goal:

Rankings Research Center (RRC) aims to raise the efficiency of ITMO University’s global positioning and to enhance its competitiveness among the world’s leading research and educational institutions.

What we do:

  • We develop targeted communications with the world’s leading rankings agencies - compilers of global and regional university rankings (QS, Times Higher Education, Thomson Reuters, U-Multirank etc.) to maximize ITMO University’s competitive position in the global research and educational market.

  • We initiate internal campaigns to collect and accumulate statistical data from ITMO University’s departments as well as from external stakeholders as we need this data to address it to rankings agencies. RRC is also involved in ITMO University’s strategic development initiatives: we collect data, analyze information and finalize reports for supervising institutions. In other words, we try to maximize data outputs in terms of quantity and quality.

  • We evaluate the external competitive environment of ITMO University and make the research and intelligence work in the field of rankings and their dynamics. On this basis we formulate the recommendations and proposals to increase the international positioning of ITMO University.

  • We continuously extend relationships with leading international associations (EAIE, NAFSA, APAIE, ACA) and major international think tanks of professionals committed to advancing international higher education for deeper integration of ITMO University into the global educational and research community.