International offices and departments

International Students Learning and Support Center

+7 (812) 480-09-12; +7 (812) 480-09-19; +7 (981) 158-97-78 (WhatsApp)

The main objective of the International Students Learning and Support Center is to support ITMO’s international students throughout their studies and help them adjust to the Russian educational system and socio-cultural environment at large. 

Among the Center’s main areas of work are:

  • enrolling international prospective students to ITMO University;
  • supporting international students throughout their studies; 
  • organizing and coordinating supplementary educational programs aimed at preparing international prospective students for their future studies at ITMO and other Russian universities (such as the Foundation Program);
  • promoting ITMO University’s cutting-edge educational programs on the international education market; 
  • interacting with foreign diplomatic missions and Russian centers of science and culture abroad;
  • promoting Russian language and culture as an integral part of world culture and an effective international communication tool.