Researcher (plant physiology, plant biophysics)

  • Cфера деятельности Научная деятельность
  • Подразделение Центр Art & Science
  • Контактное лицо Ипполит Маркелов, art@itmo.ru

Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что мы ищем специалиста с хорошим знанием английского языка, поэтому дальнейшее описание вакансии представлено на английском.

ITMO's Art & Science Center is looking for plant physiologists/biophysicists wishing to join the center’s interdisciplinary project. Our research group studies different aspects of sensory activities observed in plants and other biological objects.

The main areas of focus include:

  • plant photoreception
  • leaf morphogenesis
  • biocomputing (the development of fundamental principles of bioelectronic and hybrid biological computing systems, as well as their practical application)


  • Planning and conducting electrophysiological experiments 
  • Preparing scientific publications on the topic of research


  • A degree in biophysics and/or plant physiology (preferably, a PhD in plant physiology, biophysics, biochemistry, or molecular biology) 
  • Publications in Scopus indexed journals over the last five years (2017-2022)
  • Experience in conducting electrophysiological experiments
  • Knowledge of the principles of electrophysiological equipment (biopotential amplifiers, ADCs, and DACs)
  • Experience in mathematical processing of electrophysiological observations and knowledge of specialized software.
  • Basic programming skills (Python) 
  • Teamwork skills and willingness to explain the research results to non-professionals
  • Desire to work on projects that involve an interdisciplinary approach
  • Open-mindedness and a keen interest in the latest scientific achievements


  • Full-time or part-time (multiple employment options as postdocs or fellows
  • Formal employment in accordance with the Russian Labour Code
  • Salary depends on qualifications
  • Publications in the world's leading journals
  • Participation in international collaborations
  • A young, active, and friendly team