Head of the Art & Science Research Team

  • Cфера деятельности Научная деятельность
  • Подразделение Центр Art & Science
  • Контактное лицо Елизавета Менис, координатор ITMO Fellowship Program, fellowship@itmo.ru


Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что мы ищем специалиста с обширным опытом работы за рубежом, поэтому дальнейшее описание вакансии представлено на английском языке.

ITMO's Art & Science Center is looking for an outstanding research fellow/group leader to create an interdisciplinary research team, which will bring together IT, biotechnologies, robotics, and art (arts and humanities). The team’s main focus is theoretical and empirical research in the field of art & science. 

The research fellow/group leader is expected to collaborate with the university's laboratories and research centers, write and publish articles on the topic of collaborative scientific work, apply for external funding opportunities, and share his/her international experience with students. The job is offered as a part of the ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program.

Contract duration: 1-3 years (can be extended).

Position requires permanent relocation for the period of contract.


  • PhD holders; for holders of Russian PhD: minimum 3 years of international experience at the world’s leading universities
  • Experience in creating art & science projects, participating in key art & science exhibitions, research projects
  • H-index of 5 and above
  • Without prior employment history at ITMO University

Expected results

  • Defining key research areas of the laboratory and creating an interdisciplinary research team (3-5 members)
  • Number of publications (in Web of Science and Scopus databases) with the single affiliation of ITMO: no less than 2 per year in collaboration with ITMO researchers (young scientists, PhDs and MSc preferable)
  • Cumulative SJR of the publications with a single ITMO affiliation: no less than 2
  • Participation in the major international scientific conferences as a speaker representing ITMO University: no less than 1 per year
  • Application for the additional external funding, including but not limited to international research grants: no less than 1 per year with a minimum of 450,000 rubles funding (approx. 7,150 USD) 
  • Supervision of Master's thesis (with co-publishing of research results): no less than 2 during the period of the employment contract
  • Short-term courses of research-related lectures OR open lectures and/or seminars for the students: no less than 3 per year
  • No less than 1 publication with ITMO researchers submitted within 10 months from the start of the fellowship

For more information, please contact: