Assistant Professor (Data Visualization)

  • Cфера деятельности Преподавательская деятельность
  • Подразделение Международная научная лаборатория цифровых гуманитарных исследований
  • Контактное лицо Евгения Федосовская, менеджер по персоналу +7 (911) 147 23 30, +7 (931) 538 01 70,

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Data, Culture and Visualization (DCV) is a Master’s program at ITMO University, which addresses the growing demand for researchers, analysts, mapmakers, designers, usability experts, and other data professionals both in Russia and abroad. Drawing on the International Digital Humanities Lab’s and Machine Learning Lab’s strengths in data analysis and visualization, the program prepares students for managing the full lifecycle of data, from data acquisition and storage to statistical analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of data artifacts through visual and narrative means. The program trains highly-qualified data professionals with strong statistical and technical skills and competencies in research, communication, and design.

Our main research areas are:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Humanities
  • Mapping
  • Data Visualization
  • Social Network Analysis

Job description:

  • We are looking for an assistant professor in the field of data visualization who is expected to contribute to the research conducted at ITMO, as well as deliver high-quality teaching. We would like our candidate to be interested in the development and application of digital research methods, techniques, and tools for cultural data analysis and visualization.
  • The study of digital humanities within the DCV Master’s program focuses on both contemporary and historical periods, as well as the application of visualization tools in various datasets.
  • Apart from that, the successful candidate should be able to combine the teaching of digital humanities with critical reflection on the implications of their use in studying historical and contemporary cultures.


We are looking for an energetic and focused person ready to work efficiently in order to achieve world-class results.

  • A recent PhD degree in Social Science, Humanities, Computational Science or related fields;
  • At least one Scopus/Web of Science publication since 2016;
  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Experience in data visualization and digital data tools;
  • Teaching experience at the university level and demonstrable didactic abilities and/or training reflected in a portfolio;
  • Fluent English: strong writing and oral presentation skills.


Successful candidates are expected to teach 1-2 modules per academic year. Other responsibilities include supervision of honors students and graduate students, and administrative work.


  • Free access to the lab’s cutting-edge facilities;
  • Opportunities for professional growth;
  • Working in St. Petersburg’s historical center;
  • A young team of researchers.

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