Postdoctoral Researcher (Computational Chemistry and Material Science)

  • Cфера деятельности Научная деятельность
  • Подразделение Лаборатория SCAMT (Растворной химии передовых материалов и технологий)
  • Контактное лицо Евгения Федосовская, менеджер по персоналу +7 (911) 147 23 30, +7 (931) 538 01 70,

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ITMO University’s SCAMT Laboratory (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies) is a leading laboratory in the field of material science and biology. The laboratory collaborates with research groups in the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, and Germany.

The SCAMT laboratory mainly focuses on the development of nanomaterials and nanocomposites for optics, electronics, and biomedicine. We are interested in both theoretical and practical aspects of the synthesis and manipulation of the matter at the nanoscale: from inorganic nanosynthesis and sol-gel coating to 3D-printing, optical heterostructures and nanoarchitecture.

The TheoMAT group conducts research on theoretical chemistry and modeling and launches its own program focusing on the development of new methods for computational studies of complex chemical systems.


We are looking for an energetic and focused person who is ready to work efficiently in order to achieve world-class results

  • A recent PhD degree in chemistry, biology, or related fields;
  • At least three Scopus/Web of Science publications since 2016;
  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Experience in computational chemistry and molecular modeling, physical chemistry of solutions, multiscale modeling in materials science/catalysis, chemoinformatics;
  • Fluent English: strong writing and oral presentation skills.


  • analytical work on automated platforms;
  • data analysis;
  • development of new analysis methods;
  • analysis of scientific literature;
  • ordering materials and reagents for the lab;
  • preparation of reporting documents;
  • academic guidance of undergraduates and graduate students;
  • research work on the following areas:
    - materials science: colloidal and surface chemistry (synthesis of nanomaterials and their manipulation at the nanoscale), optics, physics, chemistry, etc;
    - physical sensor systems: fabrication and application of new optical and magnetic biosensors for the research of intermolecular interactions and hypersensitive detection;
    - biosensors formed by 3D-printing methods;
    - catalytic technologies for green chemistry.

Expected results:

The candidate is expected to contribute to the research conducted at SCAMT through active cooperation with colleagues, writing and publishing articles, and sharing their experience with students.

  • At least two publications with ITMO affiliation in Scopus/Web of Science per year;
  • Cumulative SJR of the publications with ITMO affiliation: no less than two;
  • At least three open lectures and/or seminars for students.


  • Free access to the lab’s high-tech facilities;
  • Opportunity for professional growth;
  • Working in St. Petersburg’s historical center;
  • A young team of researchers.

For more information please contact:

cell: +7 (950) 0 139 739 (Telegram)

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